the impassioned world of hoes

This is a foot-note/addendum/correction/apologia to the Hoe in Art and History post of April 3.  And other posts and pages on hoes.

Tara (whose surname may or may not be Chillington, it really doesn’t matter) has commented that I failed to mention Chillington Tools, who have been making hoes for a century:-

This is a question more than a comment.

How come with all what you have written here you do not mention possibly the worlds leading manufacturer of these tools who have been in business for over 100 years but show photographs of people who most probably are using them.

Tara – how could I refuse such a call? I have fallen well short of my intentions, which generally are to research what I write about, and link to where good things are to be found. So here goes:
“The Chillington Tool Company has been supplying the agricultural and construction industries with quality hot forged Hoes and Forks for over one hundred years. Using Quality high carbon steel, Chillington sets the highest standard for quality worldwide.
Chillington manufactures a large selection of patterns in a wide range of sizes.
Chillington Hoes and Forks are sold throughout the world under a number of different brand names, the most famous being the “Crocodile”.
All Chillington products are recognised as the hallmark of quality, durability and reliability.”

Now the fact is that in all my trawling through The InterWebs, the name Chillington never came up. Possibly the key to this lies in the sentences I lifted from their own site – ‘… sold throughout the world under a number of different brand names’.

Another aspect to all this is that as I live in France, and Google mainly in French, and France is a larger and more agriculturally productive country than the UK, with an active artisanal metal-working industry which supplies a number of large African countries that were former colonies – my slant on handtools and hoes might be less than UK-centric.

chillington logo

Chillingtons hoes certainly deserve their place in any history of the hoe – any company that has survived for 100 years merits our admiration. And it may well be firms like Chillington Tools that are studied by rising young economists, to discover how businesses can be sustainable, rather than get-rich-quick machines.

I’m always prepared to be told-off, and ready to make amends – and especially pleased to find myself promoting hoe-makers, whatever their nationality. Here’s to another century of worthwhile digging!

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3 Responses to the impassioned world of hoes

  1. Tara says:

    No my name isnt related unfortunatley. But if you dig deeper you may find a lot more.
    Try these and

  2. richard says:

    If this was mid-winter, I’d be digging away like crazy to find out more. But your links are impressive enough: this is one serious company, producing a really comprehensive range of tools!
    Your ’email address is intiguing, as is ‘Tara’. You don’t have to give away anything vital, but – I’d be interested to know what you are up to. Arriving in West Cork was my Back To The Land awakening many years ago. The manual aptitudes I discovered then are returning to serve me now.

  3. Tara says:

    can you email me please Richard

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