I’m Richard, born in Berkshire, England in 1950. I studied Old English, and the Modern Short Story at Leeds, and was given an MA.

I taught in London for seven years.

I have lived half my adult life in Co.Cork, where I married an Irishwoman and raised a family. Businesses in Cork city: southern Ireland’s first wholefood shop and bakery; DecoWare (hand-decorated tableware); and Smashing Tiles, a contemporary mosaic design studio. Moved to Moux, a small village in the vines of Languedoc in 2000 and started ArtHoliday: residential mosaic & painting courses, with my wife Mary, a professional painter.

Enjoy: reading and writing, walking and seakayaking, cycling and sailing. Wine, women and song. Always interested in early times, having lived in a region rich in dún, lios, cashel and caher. Only just recently aware that this area of SW France has its own wealth of protohistory : some of it coming to light, some fast being forgotten. Keen to share all this with others.

Made aware of Peak Oil two years ago by Mary. Not concerned until one year ago. Now very concerned. Now doing something about it.


4 Responses to About

  1. sydney says:

    hey Richard,
    saw you on TOd just now & made a short reply there…. but as I’m a demi-frog myself I looked for your email. Mine’s on my TOD profile.
    You travel around much or just hang in the Corbiere region? We live in Avèze over in the Cevennes. We stick home mostly, but:
    We went to Agen in October and went by train from Montpallier up thru the Corbieres …. very beautiful …. and lots of aeolean activity too nearby. I wonder if Jerome de Paris of TOD was inolved in any of them.
    Dolmen & menhir & cromlech(s) are my passion but the sheer beauty of the calcaire near-desert ecology breaks my heart with it’s beauty. I can’t figger out why the oldtimers schlepped those stopnes around in those ( too dry to inhabit ????) places…… people say calendar, geo-markers etc but i think celebratory.
    There’s a couple of stones in the little Cromlech of Rigalderie near me that I swear emit spiritual-xrays of some healing variety and i aint smokin nothing.
    email address and i”ll send photos.
    I like your writing.
    Kunstler ,Ilargi, Orlov & Memmel are my guides now.


  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Douglas says:


    I too saw your post on the TOD and I also like your writing. I am a mechanical engineer from Canada and currently work in the oil and gas industry. This leads me to travel a bit from western Canada to Aberdeen where I am learning about standing stones and interesting historical facts that connect Canada to the clearances and other things of interest. I have been reading Kuntsler for some time and was led to him through my concern for climate change. It may seem odd given my industry but about 8 years ago while living in Australia I decided it was time to read the papers on the topic. Originally on a quest to find fault in the theories I quickly became a student of Flannery, Hansen, and many others who make very sound technical arguments. I am very concerned. What am I doing about it? I now work from home and I have moved to a small village near my original home where I still do technical things for oil and gas while I look for a new source of income for me and my family. This read on climate led me to peak oil and many things I hadn’t considered while in the industry. Deep trouble looms disastrous.

    We are interested in permaculture and our location has ample water, electric power from hydro, and land. We are limited by growing conditions as winters are long and occasionally quite cold. Blueberries and raspberries do well as do most garden crops. I want to try some varieties of cherry trees. We have a colony of earth worms in the basement. We learned about vermiculture while living in Australia and they turn our kitchen and garden waste into the most glorious soil that can be imagined. They work fast and are fun to dig around in. The kids have varying levels of interest.

    I must go. Our site is new and we are just starting to think about what to put there. Thanks for the inspiration and the thoughts.

    I sincerely hope to hear from you.


  4. Ash says:

    Hi Richard, yet another TODer who saw your message just now! I’m kinda in the same corner of France as you, although nearer to Bergerac. Like you I lived 7 years in London, but left last year to realise a long-held dream of living in France. I’m originally from NZ, and with the rate things are moving I have decided to curtail my stay here and head back this year to prepare things (were it not for my family back home, I’d definitely stay in France!).

    I have read several pages of your blog and have found it very informative, and greatly helpful with my French also!

    I’m quite possibly going to be heading to Spain for a randonnée vélo in the weeks to come (when I’ve got my current block of website work finished), and would be really interested to pop in for a night perhaps on the way there or back.

    If you’re interested, the farm where I’m staying has a Blog and Wiki:



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