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good grub – bad grub

This blog has mutated: concerns with the wider world,  its Peak Oil problems and  economic ineptitudes, has shifted to a much smaller scale: the village and the kitchen garden. So I advise readers to leave here and plunge into the … Continue reading

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our Three Sisters garden

We have lost momentum in the communal potager at Sue’s. The weather continues to be intermittently maussade with damp grey clouds blown in by the vent marin from the Med. Charles is too busy spraying the vines with copper sulfate … Continue reading

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cooking compost and cicadas

If it seems that compost occupies my thoughts to a greater extent than say . . . yours – it’s because I’m looking after 10 bins at present. Five are our own, three are in our new shared kitchen-garden at … Continue reading

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marking time with compost

We’re waiting on Charles and his tractor to plough le grand potager at Sue’s. I’ve boxes and trays of plantlings that need to go in – watermelons and pumpkins, peas and beans, and 25 sweet corn. But with her L-shaped … Continue reading

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Big scythe and small tractor

This is where it starts. The scythe I bought months ago gets a taste of the whetstone and goes to work for the first time in decades. I was amazed at how efficient it was – sweeping aside the sheeves … Continue reading

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Compost revisited

Excuses, excuses : Work – Christmas – Family – Illness, I have enough excuses to explain away the lack of posts here. My best is this though, borrowed from a Frenchman :-  ‘Eet ees ze Lazeeness!’  – with a Gallic … Continue reading

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