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good grub – bad grub

This blog has mutated: concerns with the wider world,  its Peak Oil problems and  economic ineptitudes, has shifted to a much smaller scale: the village and the kitchen garden. So I advise readers to leave here and plunge into the … Continue reading

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A new big garden – and a new small blog

It’s been a month since the last post, and a lot has happened. A lot of rain has also fallen, making this one of the coolest and wettest springs on record. Our potager is nearly filled now : 3 variétés … Continue reading

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The hoe – past and future

I’m currently enjoying ‘Land Girls’ by Angela Huth. It’s an affectionate portrait of three young women who join the Women’s Land Army. Much of their time is spent hoeing – and a quick stroll through internet images reveals this to … Continue reading

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Every week around Wednesday on The Oil the editors invite a guest to propose a topic that addresses some practical aspect of the Peak Oil situation. This week it was a guest post from Sharon Astyk (TOD reader jewishfarmer). … Continue reading

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a golden greengage summer

Greengages are for the rich – or the scavenger. A little punnet at the market was priced at the equivalent of E 4.90 per kilo – by far the most expensive fruit on the stalls. They were large and green, … Continue reading

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wells and water restrictions

We live in an arid landscape. This is our village huddled at the foot of the biggest of the Corbieres Hills. It has just a small stream running through it, but many wells. Our house is the big building at … Continue reading

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Prince to Frog

This journal will be an irregular account  of my preparations for an unprecedented upheaval of our western society. It is based on my belief that there will be a collapse in both the supply of affordable fuel, and in the … Continue reading

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