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The hoe in art and history

With the hoe – it seems to me – we see the start of techne. In the beginning of course was the stone, and the stick -and out of the stick grew many things : the staff, the spit, the … Continue reading

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Chips with Everything

It’s been 35 years since I dug my first lazy-bed. After just two years teaching in an Inner City London Comprehensive school I’d had enough: friends were dropping out, tuning in, and getting back to the land. My friends had … Continue reading

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Gathering winter fuel

We had our first cool evening of autumn this week, and I had to scramble around to find enough wood for the evening. Which spurred me into action on the Winter Fuel Hunt. This year I had to make enquiries … Continue reading

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Power strimmer versus scythe

I used to love my power-strimmer. The day I bought it I considered myself finally a fully grown-up gardener. No lawn-edge would be let grow ragged, no path be spared. Dreadlocks beneath trees would get a military buzz-cut – a … Continue reading

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