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the impassioned world of hoes

This is a foot-note/addendum/correction/apologia to the Hoe in Art and History post of April 3.  And other posts and pages on hoes. Tara (whose surname may or may not be Chillington, it really doesn’t matter) has commented that I failed … Continue reading

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Getting a handle on it

The handle or shaft length on a hoe is crucial for efficiency and comfort. Short handles may feel more familiar but they mean more bending over, and more strain on the back. Greg Baka of  Easy Digging is a strong … Continue reading

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A jangle of hoes

Every noun should have its own collective term. As in ‘ a murder of crows’ [ All This Time. The Soul Cages 1991]  – Sting was an English teacher, too.  So I propose, for my collection of hoes,  either ‘a … Continue reading

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The hoe in art and history

With the hoe – it seems to me – we see the start of techne. In the beginning of course was the stone, and the stick -and out of the stick grew many things : the staff, the spit, the … Continue reading

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The hoe – past and future

I’m currently enjoying ‘Land Girls’ by Angela Huth. It’s an affectionate portrait of three young women who join the Women’s Land Army. Much of their time is spent hoeing – and a quick stroll through internet images reveals this to … Continue reading

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The man with the hoe

It’s a comfortable 68F./20C. here, at 8 pm, with the doors and windows open on a still evening. Tomorrow we’ll go walking the hills, it’ll be 70+, the warm low 20’s of an early summer’s day. But there’s a chill … Continue reading

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